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Who We Are

Aims And Objectives

The researcher under takes to carry the research with the following aims and objectives:-

1.To differentiate between the traditional software development and website development process models.

2.To find out various drawbacks and loopholes in traditional software development models and existing website development methodologies.

3.Design of relevant website development phases, for introducing them in initial framework proposed for website development. The testing of these phases regarding their presence and absence in already existing website development methodologies also needs to be done.

4.To propose an initial framework for website development by including all those phases which are missing in earlier development models.

5.Study various loopholes and drawbacks in website design and their effects on quality and accessibility of website.

6.Identification of different quality attributes constraints and design parameters required in each category for developing various types of websites by visiting various websites, parent organizations, web development houses and feedback from different users and designers / webmasters.

7.To find out the current status of various categories of websites w.r.t. various design issues.

8.To study various web design guidelines / standards recommended by W3C and other organizations and their relevance in website design and development.

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